Ronny Buurink was born December 3rd, 1965 in Enschede. Already at a young age he was interested to learn to play an instrument, not in the last place because his parents used to stimulate his musical development.

The clarinet was his instrument of choice and it still is. At the age of nineteen he started the study clarinet at the Conservatory in Enschede. A year later was started with a study Wind orchestra and fanfare at Jan van Ossenbruggen, Gerrit Buitenhuis and Harry Janssen as well to be proficient as a conductor. The clarinet study was continued after a short break at the Sweelinck Conservatory in Amsterdam. He studied at Piet Honingh, solo clarinettist at the Royal Concert building Orchestra. In 1994, the study HaFaBra-conducting, first phase, was finished with a good result. Ronny gained plenty of conducting experience in different orchestras in Twente.

In 2001, Ronny continued his study HaFaBra-conducting at the Messiaen Academy in Enschede. In 2004 he finished the second phase well at Hennie Ramaekers supervision.


Since 1993, Ronny conducts the Student Wind Orchestra Twente, so this is already 30 years. He has conducted a lot of concerts and he has been on a lot of concert trips to foreign countries. He got fantastic results at multiple contests and festivals in the Netherlands and foreign counties. Next to this orchestra, he is also a conductor at Euregio Brassband in Borne.