The committees are there to support the board and organize concerts, activities, trips and more.

Activity committee

The activity committee organizes as many as possible fun activities for SHOT. The yearly bbq, the batavierenrace and activities during the rehearsal weekends. Those activities are a great success and offer a possibility for extra contact between orchestra members. Mail the committee:


Travel committee

The travel committee is responsible for the concert trips that are organized every two years. Our last trip was in July 2018 to London and Bristol. Mail the committee:


Cash audit committee

This committee checks the work of the treasurer and brings out advice as well. Also, the finances of the travel committee are checked by this committee. During every general meeting, the cash audit committee presents their findings of the finances of the last half year.

Lustrum committee

The Lustrum committee is responsible for the lustrum year of shot which is in 2021. This committee is organizing all sorts of awesome concerts and activities for this special year. Mail the committee:

Music committee

The music committee chooses the pieces that SHOT will perform the upcoming period. Those decisions are made together with the music commissioner since he will order and copy the music. Mail the committee:


Print committee

The print committee is there to support the music commissioner. Sometimes a lot of new music needs to be copied, printed and archived, in those cases, the committee can help out.

Promotion committee

The promotion committee is supporting the general member of the board with the promotion of the different activities of SHOT (e.g. concerts). Also, this committee is active during the introduction period of the university and applied university to find new members for the orchestra. Mail the committee:


Musicality committee

This committee has the goal to increase the musicality of SHOT by promoting and facilitating the musicality of the members of the orchestra next to participation at the orchestra and marching band. Those musicality promoting activities can be playing in ensembles and performing at evenings that are especially for those extra music related activities. Mail the committee:


SHOTnews committee

The SHOTnews committee takes care that there are around three magazines every year. SHOTnews is the magazine of SHOT and it has useful information about, for example, rehearsal weekends and funny pieces on SHOT, its members and activities and of course puzzles to enjoy yourself. The members of the committee take care of the content, layout and distribution. Mail the committee:

Tohuwabohu committee (marching band)

This committee takes care of the performances and rehearsals of Tohuwabohu. More information about the marching band can be found under the heading Tohuwabohu. Mail the committee:


Soccer committee

This committee is responsible for SHOT taking part in the yearly interorchestra soccer match. Mail the committee:

Website committee

The website committee takes care of the website of SHOT and makes sure it looks good. Also, the committee is looking into possibilities to improve and extend the website. Mail the committee: