Welcome to the Student Wind Orchestra of the University of Twente.

At this website, you can find all information about the orchestra and the upcoming performances.

You also might want to take a look at the SHOT Ensemble and its marching band Tohuwabohu!

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SHOT is the student wind orchestra of the University of Twente. The orchestra counts around 65 students of the university and surrounding applied universities. The orchestra was founded in 1991 and is conducted by Ronny Buurink.


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It is good to see that you are interested in becoming a member of SHOT! You are very welcome to visit (one of) our rehearsals.

Become a benefactor

The organization of multiple concerts and activities is partly made possible by the financial support of benefactora.


SHOT has her own marching band called Tohuwabohu. Take a look at the Tohuwabohu page for more information about the band and bookings.


An ensemble consists of a small group of musicians from the orchestra who can offer a musical addition to your party or any other event.


  • Looking back on the summer concert

    Thursday June 13th, SHOT played her last concert before the holidays. It was a great evening with a lot of audience. Together with the Euregio Brassband from Borne we filled an evening with film music.

  • Summer concert with Euregio Brassband

    Thursday June 13th, SHOT will give a concert in collaboration with Euregio Brassband. This evening a lot of film music will be played. The concert will start at 20.00h and takes place in the Audiozaal of the Vrijhof building at the university. For more information, check our Facebook page.

  • Maestro concert

    Studenten Harmonie Orkest Twente (SHOT) will give a big concert on the 24th of March in Muziekcentrum Enschede. During this concert four guest conductors, known in Enschede and it’s student life, will conduct SHOT. In a race to be crowned maestro of Enschede, they will be judged by a professional jury. The four conductors are Hetty Wolf (party chairman GroenLinks Enschede-Haaksbergen), Thom Palstra (Rector Magnificus Universiteit Twente), Joris Emmen (chairman A.S.V. Taste) and Auke de Leeuw (chairman D.R.V. Euros).

    Every contestant will conduct two short pieces from the categories pop- and film music. SHOT will also play a few pieces led by their own conductor, Ronny Buurink. One of the pieces played is the impressive music from the movie West Side Story, Symphonic Dances, composed by Leonard Bernstein and arranged by P. Lavender.

    The Maestro concert will take place on the 24th of March at 15:00 in Muziekcentrum Enschede, the doors will open at 14.40. Everybody is very welcome to come listen and watch how the guest conductors will perform! Tickets for this concert are €12,50, for students the price is €8,50. There is a student group discount, if you come to the concert with 6 or more students, you will get 1 euro discount for every ticket. The tickets are available on the website: https://shot.utwente.nl/sales/

  • Change of board February 2019

    On the 27th of February was the half-yearly ALV of SHOT. Half of the board is changed. Eva and Jesse said goodbye and Stijn and Anke joined the board. We now have a new chairman, Stijn, and a new general member, Anke. The evening was celebrated with a beer in the sports canteen. We wish the new board good luck and lots of fun!

    The composition of the new board is as follows:


    Stijn Hulshof - Chairman

    Pelle de Greeuw- Secretary

    Tanja Hamacher - Treasurer

    Anke Meesters - General member

    Niels Adams – Music commissioner

  • Lustrum Ronny

    On the first of October our conductor, Ronny Buurink, conducted us for exactly 25 years. He is conducter for a longer time than the age of most of our members! Because Ronny is such an important part of our association, we wanted to do something special. It seemed a good idea to give him a new stool, since the old one was falling apart. We hope that we can add another five years to it in 2023!


      On Thursday the 13 of December, we will give some more attention to this lustrum with a concert on the Vrijhof on the campus of the UT!

  • Change of board October 2018

    On the fourth of October was the half-yearly ALV of SHOT. Half of the board is changed. Arnout, Fembe and Dylan said goodbye and Eva switched in function. We now have a new chairman, Eva, a new secretary, Pelle, a new treasurer, Tanja, and a new music commissioner, Niels. The evening was celebrated with beer in the Vrijhof. We wish the new board good luck and lots of fun!

    The composition of the new board is as follows:


    Eva Krolis - Chairman

    Pelle de Greeuw- Secretary

    Tanja Hamacher - Treasurer

    Jesse Hofsteenge - General member

    Niels Adams – Music commissioner


  • Open rehearsals

    Are you new in Enschede and looking for a nice orchestra to join? The student orchestra Twente, or SHOT, rehearses Thursdays at 20.00h in the Audiozaal at the Vrijhof, located at the campus. 

    Thursday September 5, 12, and 19 are our open rehearsals and you are more than welcome to join. Please inform the board so that they can make sure there is sheet music for you. More information can be found on our Facebook page.

    See you on Thursday!


Studenten Harmonie Orkest Twente

Vrijhof Cultuurcentrum

Postbus 217

7500 AE Enschede 

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